Sunday, January 3, 2010

Too cold for pictures!

I have a funny story to share with ya'll. My Saturday morning Bible study meets at a cabin that overlooks a beautiful lake. When I arrived out there yesterday morning I looked at the lake and thought how great it would be to get a picture of my kids on the hill above the lake. It was snow covered and just breathtakingly beautiful. So after our study I ran back home and got the kids bundled up and headed back out there. I let them know in the car that because it was sooooo cold we would position them really quick, cheese, and get back in the car. I didn't want pictures of red noses. My twelve year old and ten year old totally got the plan but, it must have escaped my five year old because as soon as she got out of the car she started whining and crying because she was cold. I positioned them and said "okay, smile!" but Grace was making this aweful face. She just wouldn't smile! So I just snapped the picture, felt like this was all a waste of time, and we loaded back up and headed for home. She started to cry in the back seat. I said "now what's wrong?" and she replied "I didn't get a good picture." There's just no pleasing my little miss sassy. The funny part is the picture I took! Check out the little face.

Oh, well. You can't blame mom for trying to get that perfect picture.

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