Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kid with a new toy

I'm excited to open this site and start sharing my thoughts online. When I was a kid I had dreams of writing a book someday. Lately, I've been trying my skills in my journal and filling notebooks with commentary about everything from the news to my bible studies. I've come to realize that I kinda stink! I need practice. I need to broaden my vocabulary. I'm hoping this will help me, since I'll be able to get feedback. I'm a big reader, so many of my blogs may look like book reviews. I teach a life applications class at my church on Sunday mornings, so I'll be sharing my thoughts on those lessons as well. I'm involved in two women's bible study groups, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I know that sounds like a lot, but I really enjoy it. Both are taking a break for Christmas right now and I miss it. When my Saturday group starts back up we will be doing "The Patriarchs" by Beth Moore. I've done part of this one already, so I was nominated to lead the study. I'm in the recruitment phase of this one. I announced the starting date for the study in Church on Sunday. Next week I'll be gathering orders for the books we'll need. My Tuesday group is just finishing up "Walking by Faith, Lessons Learned in the Dark" by Jennifer Rothschild. I have enjoyed this study, but it hasn't been as in-depth as the studies I'm used to doing. When we finish this one, we'll be starting the new study from Beth Moore about Ester! I'm really looking foreward to it.