Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yearly Cooking Mood Arrives!

Fall makes me want to cook. This is kinda like the moons aligning in my world because I don't normally like to cook. My family typically gets spagetti once a week, maybe a meatloaf, a pot of soup or chili, and we probably drive through McD's way to often. Even when I do get into this once-a-year mood things have to be simple and easy. My sister-in-law, Kim is the fancy cook in our family and she's in no immediate danger of loosing her distinction. Not because of me, anyway. So, one day last week the yearly mood hit and I decided to dig out my recipe books. Now, by recipe books I mean those Kraft magazines that come in the mail. (pause for laughter) Yeah, I'm serious. I went and bought the items to make Citrus Roasted Pork, A Prairie Land Pot Roast, and some deserts. My brother, Ben (husband to Miss Fancy) loves pumpkin pie so I made him one for our Halloween get-to-gether and and one for my hubby and kids. I'm getting ready to make my sons favorite, a No-Bake Cheesecake. If anyone has some super-simple but delish recipe's they want to pass along, I'd love it. But, make it quick, because we're goin back to jar spagetti sauce, Stoffers Lasagna, and Schwans Cod Nuggets as soon as the mood passes. Oh, well I guess everyone has their own art. I'd much rather be at my scrapbook table than standing at the stove.

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